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POPORI is a Cyber Dystopia themed photography and shopping sim. We have store rentals for mainstores and satellite stores.

MAINSTORE [Teleport Here]
We have 11 mainstore plots with 2,304 sqm parcel, 1,370 prim allowances, and subdivided for your own land store preferences. Only for L$1000/week.

We also have 20 small satellite stores with 100 prim allowances, and L$300/week.

1. You can change your mainstore building. However, please make sure it’s within the sim’s theme especially the exterior of the building.
2. We will need to rearrange the filler builds on top of your store if ever you decide to change your store build. These objects will not count on your parcel prim capacity.
3. Scripted items and greeters should be within your parcel.
4. Please refrain from using hover texts, particles, and other disruptive decors and/or scripts.
5. Your rent should be paid on time. There will be up to 72 hours of grace period for late payments. Or please let us know 🙂
6. You can put your own platform above your mainstore parcel. Platforms should be above 1000m.
7. Sim designer and owner/s are the only ones who have the right to make changes in your parcel with your authorization.
8. We have a small place for your vendor dropboxes and other store tools that need rezzing. You can rezz all your dropboxes and systems there for your store.

**As much as possible, we will only take original creations stores. Starting or established are welcome.

SIM DESIGNER/SIM MANAGER: llewellyn.fargis
OWNER: isaacii Resident

If you are interested, please send a note to: isaacii resident so we can help you setup.