1. Submission and setup for the new round start every Monday
2. Every Friday at 10 AM SLT, both mainstore and event booth should already have a complete Hi-Tech Weekend setup.
3. Every Friday at 12:00 PM SLT, a new round will start
4. Round will be over every Sunday at 12:00 AM SLT

1. Participating designers for a round in Hi-Tech Weekend should prepare at least one new or an old released from their store to be marked L$75 during the weekend for Hi-Tech Weekend. Designers can setup up to 2 items – single pack or fatpack.
2. Designers will have to set up the marked items in their mainstore next to the subscriber kiosk.
3. Item posters/ads should have a Hi-Tech Weekend logo in them so shoppers would know that it’s your item for the Hi-Tech Weekend. [Get Logos Here]
4. Designers should setup the items inside their mainstore AND in the event headquarter. This will help generate more sales. One (1) in your mainstore and one (1) in our event place. [Teleport to Hi-Tech Weekend Inworld Here]
5. Vendor scripts and LM giver scripts are the only scripts permitted in the event headquarter.

1. Fill out an initial form to be a part of the Hi-Tech Weekend designer list.
2. Submission form to join a round will be sent through the Designers group inworld along with a landmark to the payment office.

If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know: isaacii Resident or soulcrack3r Resident

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